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Mercury in Retrograde

Mercury in Retrograde

Three to four times a year we hear the dreaded phrase: Mercury is in retrograde. These words strike fear in some, but what’s actually occurring is not so scary at all. Simply explained, Mercury is in retrograde when it appears to move backwards. It's an astrological sensation when fast-moving Mercury, which typically spends 88 days in orbit around the sun compared to Earth’s 365, appears to move West to East instead of East to West.

Although Mercury moving backwards is only an optical illusion, the areas of life that Mercury dictates, including communication, travel, and rationality, can be thrown into chaos during this time. From unexpected texts from your ex, to missing your flight, when this astrological phenomenon occurs things tend to go haywire.

Luckily, Mercury is only in retrograde for three to four weeks, however the chaos can begin and end at different times. Mercury Retroshade is described as the two week time period before and after Mercury goes into retrograde. Before it begins, communication mishaps are more likely to happen, so it's not a bad idea to prepare by cleaning your electronics and rescheduling any big decision-making plans. The period after retrograde is viewed more positively however, as the fog clears, and clarity is regained. This is a good time to reflect on any lessons that were learned and revisit decisions that were put on hold.

Not all are easily affected by this time of transition. Those born during a period of retrograde may feel a sense of lucidity during this time of chaos. This may explain why those of us not born during retrograde may be on edge, while others seemingly thrive.

So what do we do about the astrological chaos that is thrust upon us three to four times a year? While there isn’t much we can do to avoid it, we can prepare ourselves for the disarray. Astrologists recommend that you relax the mind through journaling and meditation. Here at AMASS, we recommend unwinding with a cocktail and a soothing soak. Whatever will help you keep your sanity while Mercury is in retrograde, just relax and know that you’re not alone in the turmoil.


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