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When Life Gives Us Limes

When Life Gives Us Limes

In our weekly series, we talk content and cocktails with maude, a modern sexual wellness brand based out of Brooklyn. Each Wednesday, we’ll offer recommended rituals for an intimate evening at home.

This week: our home bar supplies are running low, our brains are zonked, and we’re so deprived of human contact that we’ve started making small talk with our houseplants. Here’s what we’re doing to slow and savor our nights in.

Apply oil no. 1 to skin. Rub from face to toe to feel moisturized and soft all over, or drizzle in the tub for a luxurious soak.

Skip the chit-chat and put on ‘Talk is cheap’ a feel-good playlist with the likes of Richard Swift and Chet Faker.

You know what they saw about lemons and lemonade? We like to think the same is true for limes and gimlets. Take whatever limes your CSA box throws at you and turn them into these 3-ingredient wonders.



2 oz AMASS Dry Gin
1 oz Lime Juice
0.75 oz Simple Syrup


Combine ingredients, shake vigorously with ice for 15 seconds, and strain into a coupe.

If you aren’t drinking:

1.5 oz Lime Juice
1 oz Simple Syrup

Serve on the rocks with a splash of soda.


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