AMASS has proudly partnered with B+N Industries, a global leader in innovative design solutions, to elevate the hand sanitizing experience and afford users peace of mind on the go.


B+N Industries offers high-volume hand sanitizer stations with sleek form factors, a variety of color options, and a new upbeat logo Mr. Drippy™ to deliver on a transformative journey for consumers while cutting down on wasteful packaging.


Together, AMASS and B+N Industries transform the practice of hand sanitizing from cold and clinical to sensory and indulgent.


Body:  W7.21” D8.85” H48”

Base: W13” D14.81”

Materials: Steel, Acrylic, Non-PVC Plastic

Finishes: UV-Stable Powder Coat, Optional UV-Stable and Alcohol-Stable Graphic Wrap

Capacity: (2) US Gallons

Comes with locking door, chain loop is optional.

Unit can be bolted to the floor from holes inside the body

Powder Coast Colors:

Other colors for large orders available at